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The unusual experience of thinking small. Quantum small.

By October 14, 2015 Reality Hack, Spirituality

there I am, walking down a busy city street, skyscrapers overhead. people, cars, bicycles, birds. it’s all humming.

walking downtown brings to your attention how big a city is. how much goes on every day you’ll never be aware of – it’s too much.

on this day I didn’t notice the activity. was vaguely aware of the buses and lights. my mind was searching inside my body.

what would the city feel like to the spider-like organisms crawling across my skin? what is their shared experience of this moment? what about the simple amoebas swimming through my eyes? what would this look like through their lens?


shift my perspective to the cells that make me up. how much bigger does everything seem?

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Donald Trump vs. The Future: Open Immigration, Spirituality and Space Colonization

By August 28, 2015 Spirituality

Two paths lie before you. Your choice will decide the future of the entire human race.

No pressure.

You gonna blow this? Or are you going to dig in, show some grit, and do what’s necessary for countless generations after to herald this as a dramatic turning point for all of history to marvel at?

I present two simple choices:

CHOICE 1: His Royal Majesty Donald Trump VII

Here we are given a recycled feudal society. The brochure looks amazing… if only the pictures were of your actual future.

A new global elite, fueled by increasing economic inequality and emergence of the world’s first trillionare’s, will lord over the ever-growing peasantry made larger by the collapse of the remaining middle classes.

The brochure for Trumps future. Look nice? That's not where you'll be staying rat-peddler.

The brochure for Trumps future. Look nice? That’s not where you’ll be staying rat-peddler.

Ignorance, desperation and crushing poverty for the majority. An Elysium utopia for the rest.

We’ve all seen the movies. I think we know how this plays out. Enjoy your future career pushing a rat-poo cream cart.

Hollywood makes everything pretty. It will be worse than this.

Hollywood makes everything pretty. It will be worse than this.

In this future humanity is chained to a singular planet. Fractured, split, we wait to see if the human race survives the third world war.

You may think Donald Trump is a crazy, self-serving, megalomaniac – of course you don’t support his future!

You would be wrong.
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Wake Up Aware

By June 1, 2015 Meditation Tips, Spirituality

Do you drink tea or coffee in the morning? Here’s a quick and easy way to add mindfulness into that routine. Leaves you more aware, and connected, throughout your day!

Try it.
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An Unsolved Holiday Mystery and the Surprise Gift of Inspiration

By December 21, 2014 Life's Little Moments, Spirituality
Feed what stirs your soul.

Years ago, I was spending the holidays visiting family back in the Midwest, as I often do.

That year was nothing abnormal. When it was over, I packed my suitcase, left my mom’s house, and flew home.

Traveling home was also uneventful. It wasn’t until I threw my bag on my bed and opened it to unpack that the first clue of a mystery appeared.

Nestled underneath a layer of clothes
was a single piece of parchment paper.

Pulling it out I quickly glanced at an odd poem. Confused I flipped it over to examine it better. It wasn’t signed. No personally identifying information.

Certain my mother put it there, I called to say thanks.

And then the mystery deepened…

… she didn’t put it there. Hadn’t a clue what I was talking about (so she says).

I packed the suitcase from empty to full, so no chance the paper had been there before. What’s more, nobody was at home who could have slipped it in, so the mystery ended. Unsolved.

It’s possible the airline checked my bag, and rather than the normal boring paperwork, they included something special for the holidays. Unlikely in government work (creative empowerment) but possible.

I decided I didn’t care how it got there. Picking up the paper I read it more closely.

This is what it said:
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Negative energy? How to clean it out and create positive energy in your home

By November 28, 2014 Reality Hack, Spirituality

First, you see energy.

Whether that’s auras, or static energy that changes as your mind shifts into different states, or the more liquid energy that changes color and moves around your environment – you see it, you know it.

Then, you acknowledge, to some degree that when you start peering down into matter – past atoms, electrons, quarks, gluons, neutrinos – things becomes more ‘energy’ than matter. You start to piece together that, in a very real way, everything either IS energy or influenced by it and consciousness is connected to it all.

Finally, you ask a very simple question: can I interact with this energy?

If consciousness can influence experiments at the quantum level, can I purposely direct it to have an effect and program energy at my level of experience?

Yes. You can.

Today I’ll show you a very simple method, that works on two levels.
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