About Ero

Welcome! I’m Eric Robison.

Chances are, you and I are very much alike.

That’s because the inner calling that drives you to seek a higher truth, to question the world around you, to embrace this strange divine presence you may not understand but always yearn to feel and serve – I feel it too. Always have.

Where our paths diverge is why I’m here! I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to experience spirituality, life, and ‘God’, in ways I never imagined. To know something in your head is very different than seeing it in person.

My goal is to open a world you never dreamed was possible (but may have always suspected) by giving you tools, inspiration, and advice to go out and see it for yourself.

Discussing awareness and meditation at Reaching Higher States 2014. Sharing at retreats is what I really look forward to.

Discussing awareness and meditation at Reaching Higher States Philadelphia. Sharing at retreats is one of the best parts of what I do.

I was born in Missouri, in the central United States. At the age of 12 I taught myself transcendental meditation. (We didn’t have Nintendo then I guess – maybe I was a weird kid.)

This began my search in earnest, to try and find explanations for this calling I felt that was driving me mad. Often reality felt transparent, like nothing was what it showed on the surface, and if I could just figure out how to reach out and grab it! … I would have the answer.

I delved into Wicca, Runes, Buddhism, Hinduism and ran the New Age gauntlet. They all had slivers of truth but nothing tangible. I wrote to a local Pagan group ( about the only alternative spiritual view available in my town at the time) to attend classes when I was 14. They politely wrote me back telling me to wait 4 years. Along the way I learned a few things, and even had some experiences I couldn’t explain that drove me harder. It wasn’t easy.

Actually, I burned out. By the time I was 19, I gave up. In a journal entry I noted how it even felt that it was what God wanted me to do. I needed to walk away and forget it all before I could serve it.

Truth is, I needed to. My head was so full of all these differing ideas and none of them got me any closer to reaching what I KNEW was real. Every fiber of my being told me it was. That’s hard to ignore.

But there was an invisible wall that I did not know how to break through.

Maybe you can relate. I think many people look so hard, they get burned, and give up. That can be a good step, to forget everything you think you know, so long as you come back.

In the end it's between you and the Universe.

In the end it’s between you and the Universe. You are a wonder. Part of the miracle. Never forget it.

A few years later I met Eric Pepin, which I write about in my book Bending God. That’s when everything changed. All that had been hidden for 24 years suddenly exploded right in my face!

I will admit, for much of it, I was unprepared. Once, I even ran screaming like a HUGE chicken (you would too)!

But it has fulfilled everything I ever dreamed. And the calling… finally got an answer. That’s what I want for you.

That’s my commitment. To give back what I’ve been given. Together, all things are possible.

If you’re Eric – who is Ero?

I do have people ask this from time to time. It isn’t what you think.

Some assume it is short for E. Robison – ERo. That works. But that’s not it.

It is a nickname. In my company, Higher Balance, there are two Eric’s. One of us gets called more often – Eric Pepin.

When people call out ‘Eric!’, or call up and ask to speak to Eric, or talk to someone about ‘Eric’, it gets annoying having to always ask, “Which one are you talking about??”

Then, there’s my brother Matthew who also started Higher Balance. Can’t use ‘Robison’ – same problem!

So people started calling me by the username I had on social media – Ero.

It was weird at first, but much easier and practical, so I got used to it. But where did that come from, if not my name?

Eric or Eric or Ero? It's a puzzle.

Eric and Eric. They do exist. Some people believe one of us (usually me) is fictional. It’s a puzzle.

Back in 1998, I was a Missouri kid who woke up out of bed one morning and said, “I need to go to L.A.” I called my parents, told them what I was doing, packed a bag and went. Seriously, that’s how it happened.

Okay, I applied to film school first, one of many but never considered or looked into moving there. Then – BAM! I was on a bus riding around a city infinitely larger than I ever imagined, by myself, on a whim.

It’s a sink-or-swim town. I felt overwhelmed and out of my element. I played basketball with Reseda gang members and once I finally understood why they kept telling me not to get too close and check the guys who, ‘just got out’, (of school? work? oh, right. prison.) I settled in.

In ‘Hollywood’, you quickly realize how much competition there is. Hordes. Aside from writing and creating ideas for films I went in search of self-identity. Something that would help define me amongst the noise by making my name stick out.

It was a brief spell, that I indulged for a week before I decided Eric Robison would work just fine, but something lasting came of it. Scribbling down ideas on what I would change my name to… one stuck. Ero.

One day a friend asked what I’d been writing in my journal so I told him. We had a good laugh, but he liked the name too. The next day he came back. He looked the name up.

Ero means, ‘I shall be’, in Latin.

Years later while watching the movie Mahabharata there is a scene where Arjuna and his brothers are being taught archery by their master.

The master places a wooden crow on a wall and calls a student up to aim at it, then asks him what he sees. The student tells him he sees the bird. The master asks him if he can see the wall.

“Yes I see the wall. I see my bow and the arrow. I see my arm.”

The master screams for him to return to his place. Then, he calls three more students, asking what they see. They too reply they can see the bird, the bow, the wall, the sky and clouds in the sky.

The master yells for them to return to their places.

Finally, he calls Arjuna to aim at the bird. The master asks him what he can see. Arjuna replies that he sees the bird.

“Describe the bird.” The master tells him.

Arjuna tells him he cannot. Curious the master asks him why not.

“I can only see its eye.”

The master tells him to release his arrow, which strikes the wooden bird through the eye.

From Peter Brooks' movie Mahabharata.

From Peter Brooks’ movie Mahabharata.

This simple moment, in a six hour movie, struck me deeply.

Meditation, life, and the path to God all hold an abundance of experiences. But what do you really want? It was about more than focus, or distractions, and certainly not a call to renunciation.

It was more meaningful than that.

This was about peeling back the layers, delving past the surface and sparkling lights of the show, and finding the essence of your desire. The heart.

Despite all they were able to see, while aiming for the same goal, only one thing truly mattered. The smallest, most humble center, of what they sought.

The eye of the crow.

As I sat down for meditation I reflected and weighed it in my mind. Peeling back each surface desire, questing for the center, I found the smallest, purest want. The heart of God. That was all.

So I began learning to let go of all that created the projection. In the context of the movie, it was discovering how to surrender my arm, the bow, the clouds in the sky until there was only, me, the arrow. Eventually there was not even that. Only the simplest form of God I could sense. The center.

Then, closing my eyes I would release… and fly.

While I was the arrow, I remembered Ero, and the two merged into one. It became clear there was nothing to shoot for, or to find. No target to hit. This wasn’t an arrow moving towards a bullseye. It was about removing all separation, until the moment the archer, and the target, were one.

Arjuna could not see only the eye of the crow. He WAS the eye of the crow. When there is nothing else, there could be no other outcome.

It was never meant to be a name. It was a battle cry. A mantra. A promise.

I shall be.