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Reality Hack

The unusual experience of thinking small. Quantum small.

By On October 14, 2015

there I am, walking down a busy city street, skyscrapers overhead. people, cars, bicycles, birds. it’s all humming. walking downtown brings to your attention how big a city is. how much goes… Read More


Donald Trump vs. The Future: Open Immigration, Spirituality and Space Colonization

By On August 28, 2015

Two paths lie before you. Your choice will decide the future of the entire human race. No pressure. You gonna blow this? Or are you going to dig in, show some grit,… Read More

Meditation Tips

Wake Up Aware

By On June 1, 2015

Do you drink tea or coffee in the morning? Here’s a quick and easy way to add mindfulness into that routine. Leaves you more aware, and connected, throughout your day! Try it.… Read More

Feed what stirs your soul.
Life's Little Moments

An Unsolved Holiday Mystery and the Surprise Gift of Inspiration

By On December 21, 2014

Years ago, I was spending the holidays visiting family back in the Midwest, as I often do. That year was nothing abnormal. When it was over, I packed my suitcase, left my… Read More

Reality Hack

Negative energy? How to clean it out and create positive energy in your home

By On November 28, 2014

First, you see energy. Whether that’s auras, or static energy that changes as your mind shifts into different states, or the more liquid energy that changes color and moves around your environment… Read More