So you want to get in touch…

Before you do, let’s discuss a few details.

1) I read every mail I receive. Responding to each one gets a bit tricky.

2) You are more likely to get a response if you are asking a question that can be shared with other readers (I will remove personally identifying information).

3) Related to #2 above, if you write me, I may use the content of our conversation in a blog post, video, tweet or some other fashion. I write about my life and what’s in it. If you contact me, guess what? You’re in it 😉

I will remove anything that could be used to identify you BUT I strongly believe in the ripple effect and make efforts to optimize my time to that condition.

That means each action should have the greatest PLANNED potential to expand beyond its initial impact point.

For example, you write to me with a question or experience that many people could relate to. I reply and you benefit. It ends there. 1 X 1 = FAIL.

The better way is you write to me, I reply and post our discussion online which reaches an increasing number of people each and every day. 1 X 1 X 1,000 = HAPPY EVOLUTION!

For this same reason I shy away from personal training but I am happy to host workshops and discussions.

4) I’ll respond to any range of topics but if you’ve got something of personal interest to me you will likely get a faster response.

5) Be concise. I am not concise, so one of us needs to be. If I have questions, I’ll follow up and ask. Writing is re-writing, so condense please!

6) You can also reach me on social media Facebook or Twitter.

7) Okay, okay. Here it is… and remember, everything is of vital importance, but nothing really matters.

The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation.”  — Milarepa

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