Extreme Meditation Experience: Seeing Purple Bars Pierce Through Reality

By November 12, 2014 Paranormal Encounters, Spirituality

On a quiet night I decide to drive up to Tujunga and stop by Eric’s former house. Eric moved over to Canoga Park for a job, leaving the house to Matthew, Terri* and some others.

When I pull up, it’s still early, but looks empty. Nobody is home except for Terri. The living room is nearly bare. Gone are all the bookshelves filled with books and trinkets from the bookstore. In their place stands a lonely couch along the wall facing opposite the door. Near me is a lazy boy chair facing towards one painting of Terri’s. The only thing adorning the walls other than the paint. It’s the first time I’ve seen it since all the moving. Humble, spartan, and a big contrast.

“Well, hi Robison! I didn’t expect you.” Terri greets me warmly, in her own odd proper way.

“Hi Northy. I was in the neighborhood. Figured, why not, I’ll stop by. See what you’ve done to the place.” I grin because we both know I don’t live anywhere close to here.

Terri sits on the couch and I sit across from her on the lazy boy; slowly rocking and looking around.

“So, what’s up? It’s very nice to see you. You’re looking good.” She compliments me.

I chuckle. She’s always so very polite. We banter for awhile. I ask about the others but everyone is gone. She has the house to herself. In the back of mind is the real reason for my restlessness. The reason for my drive. The legs can pace. The fingers can tap. But where is the release for a restless mind? One that is circling a puzzle, moving into the depths of a labyrinth, but can’t ever find the center.

“What’s up with time? Do you think?” I break the conversation.
It’s not the first time we’ve talked about it. We’ve had this recurring discussion off and on for a month or two.

Terri pauses and sits up straighter. The question broke her out of social autopilot. She’s silent for a few moments. I start to become more aware of my body following the shape of the chair. It presses against my calves, all the way up my legs, unlike a normal chair where your legs would float without contact. It makes me more aware of my weight.

“Well… I’ve been thinking about it lately…” She pauses. Suddenly, she seems very prim and proper. The pause becomes very pronounced. It’s not taking very long, but it feels longer. And it feels sharper.

She explains her efforts to wrap her mind around it. How she tries to understand what it is and how you can see what it does but you can’t touch time itself. But you know it’s there.

How do you push against time? How can you touch it? During meditation it seems possible. It becomes more ‘real’.

Still listening to her, my own thoughts begin to unwind. It’s good to hear someone else walk through the maze. It gives my mind more liberty. The pressure is off. There’s something about the quality of time that the more you start trying to be aware of it… the more elusive it becomes.

You have to watch it without watching. It’s a frustrating trick. Time sits in the background; you know what it is, and it just functions and performs invisibly. When you first become aware of it, it starts to become more tangible. You start to notice the texture of time a little bit more. It’s like discussing gravity, and suddenly you become aware of all the gravities effects. You start to feel a little bit heavier because you’re more aware of it.

“It’s the film strip -” Terri brings up a moment in a conversation we had with Eric recently. He explained that everything that has happened, is still happening.

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How to See Energy in the Air: A Simple Reality Hack to See the Holographic Universe

By November 2, 2014 Reality Hack, Spirituality

So, you’ve heard the saying, ‘reality is an illusion’, so often it’s lost all meaning.

Fine, you say, reality is an illusion. I know that.

Oh? Do you?

Many times my brain has told me it knows something, only to find when I experience it later, it goes into shock! How can this be? If I intellectually accept it and have mentally analyzed the concept to death – mission accomplished! Awakened state realized… right?

For sure we can’t dismiss accumulating wisdom and knowledge. It gives us a framework to grow within. Saying that knowing and experience are the same, on the other hand, is a big mistake.

That’s like saying, “I’ve seen a picture of the moon, I see it in the sky, so I already know everything about it. If I get launched up there in a rocket, land on it, and walk around there won’t be any difference.”

Slow down there Sugar Bush, you’re kidding right? We would never say that!

Yet when it comes to spiritual or metaphysical concepts, we stop at the pictures, the stories and truths we’ve heard, as if they were the totality of the experience. Why? Because many people have accepted (consciously or unconsciously) there isn’t a way to experience the higher states of reality first hand, so it has become a purely philosophical pursuit.

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Did breaking the speed of light change… meditation?

By October 16, 2014 Paranormal Encounters, Reality Hack

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Eyes close. Legs folded over each other. Breathe in, my awareness follows my breath into my lungs. Breathe out, my mind flows with my breath exhaling into the room. Focus on my feet. Feel them pressed against the floor. My attention travels up my legs into my stomach. Expand. Retract.

Awareness moves into my chest cavity. Expand. Retract. Expand, and I notice the width and size of my body. Retract, I’m aware of the organic machine. I let it automate.

Watching my shoulders rise and fall. I become aware of my posture, a slight strain on my lower back. I adjust and release. My awareness slides down my arms into my hands, palm resting on palm. I pause for a moment.

Letting my body and mind relax, slipping naturally into the rhythm. My shoulders rise and descend. Rise and descend.

My attention travels up my throat and over my head. My hair is getting long, I feel it tickling the back of my neck. I move my attention over my head to my forehead. Release the tightness. Release my concentration. There is nothing I need to do but let go. The body will run itself.

I feel air running across my upper lip as it pushes out from my nostrils.

Moving my awareness through my whole body, I hold it in my mind as one thing. Acknowledge the billions of organisms, like buzzing pixels, all held in my singular universe.

I feel my body pushed against the ground. The weight of gravity, holding me in place. Feel my clothes, my skin. The temperature in the air. The quiet of the room.

My awareness expands out from my body, crawling across the floor. My eyes are closed but I can feel the ceiling, the walls, the furniture. My awareness absorbs these too. Still aware of my body, I add it to the room around me. It’s all one thing.

Separation begins to fade. My legs – the floor. My back – the walls. My head – the ceiling. Do not differentiate. 

The space in-between is filled with prana. As my mind starts to focus on the energy it develops a density. It’s no longer empty space. Something triggers inside… let go.

I take a deep breath in, exhale and surrender the walls I feel around me.

Surrender the ceiling. Everything my senses bring to me I start dissolving. Letting each one go in turn, starting with the farthest out. Surrender the city, the neighborhood, the house, the space around me. Dissolve myself. It all starts to fade away. It doesn’t fade completely at first. Instead, I feel it become translucent.

The solidness gives way. Still there but with less presence.

The black space I see behind my closed eyes begins to open up inside of me. Aware of the interior of my mind. Eyes are closed and everything is still black but as the external world becomes more pass-through, the inner space draws me in and expands. I’m no longer confined to the space in my head.

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How to See Auras (in 5 minutes or less)

By October 11, 2014 Reality Hack, Spirituality

[Quick Update: This video has passed the 2 million mark. Thanks to everyone for sharing and letting others experience this simple, but revealing, technique for a micro-awakening. That’s a lot of people seeing auras! Check this link to see how many we’ve reached: http://youtu.be/aYlb_XtNP7c]

Picture yourself walking around your normal day, like you always do…

Going to the grocery store. Plugging away at work. Walking down the same street you’ve seen a thousand times EXCEPT this time…

… every single person you see has a giant, glowing aura around them.

Now, I am NOT talking about a double-image, which is the first thing most naysayers try to dismiss the aura as BEFORE they even bother to try and see it.

That part is fine. It was my first reaction too…

But have a little curiosity, and open your mind because… if the aura truly is a double-image (like when you stare at a light, then look away and see a transparent double of what you looked at) then it shouldn’t change.

Go ahead! Stare at a light 1,000 times and look away 1,000 times. It will never change. But that isn’t true with the aura…

What begins as this quiet, barely-there, transparent fog slowly morphs the more you train your mind to tune into that frequency.

Eventually colors begin to appear, where before it was always white. Then, soft, beautiful ethereal wisps of hair-like energy begins weaving around people. Have you ever seen a double-image do that?!

Finally, you might see colors so rich, and so vibrant, it looks like someone stuck a glowing, blue neon tube right down a persons spine and you see it shining out from under their skin!

(The first time I saw that I literally gasped. Drew my breath in and held it – I was so surprised.)

Every single person on the planet has an illuminating, halo glow.

AND… every single person on the planet can discover how to see it, because most of us even if we see it when we are young, are taught to dismiss it so that it fades as we get older.

Now imagine the impact that has on your view of reality if, right now, you could see auras. Bright, real AND right in front of your eyes.

What if you could see this incredible energy, these auras, all the time? The vibrant energy of lifeforce… shining out.

If you could see that would you flip out? From SHOCK mixed with WONDER??
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The Night I First Met a Gnome

By March 17, 2012 Paranormal Encounters

When I first decided to share this with you, I thought a more poetic (or clever) title would be fun.

Once Upon a Midnight Gnome


Only the Gnomley

Then I thought back to my first reaction on hearing what I am about to share with you.

I’ll be brief: I thought it was nuts.

That’s when I realized I should not attempt to “dress it up” at all.

The further we go, you may already be hovering over your mental file cabinet (file under: … potential crazy or serious whacko).

If you have read Bending God, this may lead you to the first. If you have not, I risk being put under the second label. (I won’t take it personal. Life has a funny way of showing us our errors.)

The title is not a metaphor. It means exactly what it says.

Here it is, with no exaggeration, exactly what I saw, heard, felt and experienced. Read More